Sailors on the CitizenShip - Discovering Africa

Sailors on the CitizenShip is a training course, which was developed as a module for youth workers/trainers to help them to answer their questions concerning the active citizenship issues. We approach the idea of citizenship on different levels: locally within our local communities, nationally, on international and global level.


Project Sailors on the CitizenShip was originally implemented as a week training course for youth workers and trainers. The main goals of the events were to make (European) citizenship attractive for youth and explore and furter create interactive methods that could be applied in practice. Within 4 years  we welcomed on "our boat" 207 participants from 33 countries. 37 interactive methods were created and we sailed along 8 european countries.

More about all concept of project Sailors on the CizizenShip here


During Euro - African edition we would like to focus on sharing methods, tools and concepts of active participation of youth in local communities and public life in general. We want to compare and learn about ways in which youth work and youth policy is being organised and implemented in our countries and share good practicies within youth work that deal with active participation and active citizenship.



Sailors on the Citizenship is a training course that aims to promote active participation, through training of youth leaders, youth workers and educators from Africa and from Europe. This project aims to create a pool of multipliers and common tools among the partners involved which aware local young people about the importance of the active participation with attention at strengthening Euro-African dialogue and importance of exchange and cooperation in the field of youth.



  • sharing different visions and understandings of citizenship and active participation,
  • exchanging good practices of initiatives of young people involvement in Africa and in Europe,
  • approaching different levels of citizenship (local – national – international - global),
  • training and developing key competences for active participation (ability to speak up your own mind, critical thinking, entrepreneurship),
  • pointing out the connection between citizenship, responsibility for one‘s immediate environment and society and active participation
  • experiencing, discussing and sharing historical and recent understandings of citizenship and its implications for participation,
  • rising awareness about young people’s involvement in civic society,


What one can expect to experience and learn at our training courses in key words:

Theory and training of youth partication in public life though workshops , practice of this participation through study visit in local youth ngos in Tanzania, undersatnding realitiesof youth work and youth infromation systems in 4 European and 4 african countries through presentations and exange of good practice and going thtough an unique intercultural experince.



  • 48 multipliers trained, able to use new methods in their work
  • Publication with methods and good practices available also online
  • Website – with online toolbox, blog and so on


Target group:

  • youth trainers/workers who are actively working with young people as a professional or on the voluntary basis
  • multipliers – who have potential to use this experience further on
  • participants that have an active attitude an are aged over 18 (preferebly up to 35)
  • participants that can share good practices of youth participation, youth work and know or are willing to learn more about youth works and youth information systems in czech republic in order to be able to present it in a rich way
  • participants from the following partner countries: Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda (we expect 3 participants frm all of the above mentioned countries)