Prep meeting


PREPARATION MEETING  - South Africa February 2010

Due to the fact that discance between our countries make it quite difficult to meet, first very important common activity is PREP MEETING – planned for february 2010. Aim of this meeting was to get to know each other, set up common priorities, common understanding of key topics, discuss tasks division and communication rules within the parnership. 



General draft for the prep meeting was the following:

  • day 1: Getting to know each other, intro into the project
  • day 2: Getting to know partner organizations, planning task distribution for ongoing activities
  • day 3: Discussion and task distribution on  PR, communication, results of the project
  • day 4: Study visits, evaluation


After the prep meeting we continued with preparation for the first training. Trainers team worked on details of the content and each country coordinator selected participants and prepared them for the project.Coordinators are responsible for searching for participants and preparing them for the participation in the training.