Final movie

08/02/2011 15:50

 Hi all Sailors, two editions of Sailors on the CitizenShip - Discovering Africa have already finished. First training course in Tanzania and also the second one in Estonia have brought us lot of great experiences, participants have met new friends, gained new knowledges and had amazing week together. I am pretty sure that we will keep this project in our mind forever. I would like to present you the final movie, which me and Zuzka Tvrzská have prepared. Hope that it will recall you all those great memories which we have experienced. Enjoy it, Veronika.

You can watch movie on Sailors youtube channel.


Tanzanian memories

31/10/2010 18:14

Project Sailors on the CizizenShip - Dicovering Africa has already finished the second training course in Estonia. But let´s go back to the summer, where the first training course took place in Tanzania. You can watch the short movie from this training here. And keep in mind that  Sailors youtube channel is still updated.

Sailors in Estonia in progress

17/10/2010 20:19

More new information, photos and videos you can check on these websites:



Sailors on the CitizenShip - Discovery Africa have moved to Estonia

13/10/2010 19:19

New participants of project Sailors on the CitizenShip - Discovery Africa have met in Tallin, Estonia to experience new adventures during Europe-African cooperation.

More info about this training course here.

Check the blog from Estoni cruise here


17/09/2010 15:49

Hi Sailors, I have upgraded our website, you can look at your photos in section Captains and Sailors, check planned follow up local activities, visit some interesting websites which we reccomend or download some useful documents and materials.

Enjoy ;-)


01/09/2010 11:49

Sailors, in the section "Gallery" yöu can find plenty photos from project Sailors on the CitizenShip from Tanzania. Thanks for all photographers-Kasia I., Kasia II., Ana, Teve, Kersti, Gonzalo, Munira, Marco, Mafalda, Magda, Martyna and Zuzana.

Tanzania is calling

22/07/2010 19:01

 Hi Sailors,

our project is coming - on Monday is an arrival day. Here is pax guide for you which help you to be more prepared during your trip and to assure that you will have all the conditions to do it safely.

See you in Dar Es Salaam

Sailors on the CitizenShip - Discovering Africa

17/06/2010 10:27